• David Pifko and Erin Colombo got married at a castle in November 2017.
  • After seeing that the castle had a dragon in front of it, the couple decided to make their wedding “Game of Thrones”-themed.
  • The couple had custom dragon invitations, dragon champagne glasses, and they even used the “Game of Thrones” theme as their recessional song.
  • “I loved that we had little elements that felt very us,” Colombo told Insider of their wedding day.
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David Pifko and Erin Colombo have been together for almost exactly seven years.

eccp_DEP219 The couple met on OkCupid.

E.C. Campbell Photography

Colombo told Insider they met on OkCupid in 2013.

“This was before Tinder was even a thing,” she said. “He reached out to me.”

“Honestly, he asked me about gaming. It was super nerdy,” Colombo said. “And then we just kinda met up, and the rest is history.”

The couple got married on November 11, 2017, at a castle in northern Michigan.

eccp_DEP379 They got married in November 2017.

E.C. Campbell Photography

“Any time we look at the clock and it’s 11:11, we say ‘happy wedding anniversary time,’ which is so cheesy,” Colombo said.

They decided to get married at Castle Farms after Pifko’s mother suggested the venue, which was four hours away from where they live in Detroit, Michigan. 

“We both kind of wanted a mini destination wedding,” Colombo told Insider. “We like to camp. We’re a little adventurous.”

The dragon in the front of the property was a big pull for them, and it inspired the “Game of Thrones” theme.

eccp_DEP366 The couple decided to make their wedding “Game of Thrones” themed.

E.C. Campbell Photography

“It almost seemed natural, with the dragon statue out front,” Colombo told Insider of landing on a “Game of Thrones”-themed wedding.

“We just added nice little elements from ‘Game of Thrones’ because it seemed appropriate for the setting,” she added. “It just kind of worked that way.”

The couple had a myriad of touches inspired by the show at their event, many of which included dragons.

“Then that dragon was kind of repurposed for coasters,” Colombo said.

eccp_DEP178 The coasters had a dragon on them, too.

E.C. Campbell Photography

“Best be dragon yourself to the dance floor,” the coasters said, adding a clever pun to the evening. 

Paper & Honey designed the cute additions.

Pifko’s mother also made faux dragon eggs for the couple’s big day.

eccp_DEP183 Pifko’s mother made the eggs.

E.C. Campbell Photography

The colorful eggs were made out of Styrofoam and covered with painted push pins, according to Colombo. 

They sat in a box decorated with an illustration of a dragon and the couple’s names.

The couple also posed in multiple locations that looked “Game of Thrones”-esque.

eccp_DEP243 The venue looked like it was part of the show.

E.C. Campbell Photography

For instance, this photo looks like it could’ve been taken at Winterfell, where the Stark family lives on the show.

Meanwhile, the photos taken outdoors have the same mood as King’s Landing.

eccp_DEP444 The castle itself inspired the theme.

E.C. Campbell Photography

The castle’s stone exterior looked medieval.

Colombo’s wrap also mirrored the fur coats the characters on “Game of Thrones” often wore, making the shots look like a scene from the film.

Colombo said the photos taken with the dragon were her favorite from the day.

eccp_DEP371 Colombo loves the photos taken in the snow.

E.C. Campbell Photography

At first, she was hesitant about taking photos in the snow, but her photographer, E’Lisa Campbell of E.C. Campbell Photography, encouraged her to brave the weather.

“Those are my favorite shots by far,” she said. “It made such a difference.”

“I thank them all the time,” she said of her bridal party for taking pictures with her.

Colombo and Pifko also used the “Game of Thrones” theme as their recessional song during their ceremony.

eccp_DEP611 The couple walked out of their wedding to the “Game of Thrones” theme.

E.C. Campbell Photography

“I was joking, like ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be so funny if we walked down the aisle to the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme?’ Because it just pumps us up,” she told Insider of how the song came to be part of their day.

“It was an instrumental version so it wasn’t as intense,” she added.

They also had custom dragon champagne glasses for their toast.

eccp_DEP471 The glasses had dragons on them.

E.C. Campbell Photography

When the glasses face one another, the dragons form a heart.

“We had giant throne chairs that the castle rented to us,” Colombo said.

eccp_DEP764 They sat on thrones during the reception, adding to the regal feel.

E.C. Campbell Photography

“All of the guests loved and took pictures with the chairs during the reception, which was really fun,” she said.

Colombo said the reception was her favorite part of the day.

eccp_DEP369 The couple loved their wedding day.

E.C. Campbell Photography

“I don’t think I sat the entire time,” she said. “I danced so much.

She and Pifko both had a blast, and Colombo said neither of them experienced stress as other couples do on their wedding day.

“It was just so much more fun than I thought it’d be,” she said of the event.


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