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The hack also revealed that the company had kept information on 15 million accounts that users had deleted, as well as information on users for assets it no longer owned, such as Penthouse. By comparison, the Ashley Madison hack that took place in July 2015 revealed 32 million accounts, although that attack was also accompanied … Read more

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Anyways the epoch operator canceled my 10 minute old membership, but said he was not willing to refund my card. Amsterdam Polski 3 Criticism Stage contact us Naakt Cam Chat Accessibility Help Dichtstbijzijnde stad: Like a traditional dating site, AdultFriendFinder gives you a collage of potential matches at the top of your personal home page. … Read more

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As you can see from the words blatantly plastered across the main page pictured above, AdultFriendFinder is where you can go to “join the world’s largest sex and swinger community.” (That photo is actually a video of a girl talking, so you may want to mute your computer before your click — or at least … Read more